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  • ADS’s Integration with Amsterdam AI – Next Steps

    From September onwards Amsterdam Data Science will merge media channels with Amsterdam AI. Any online activities you are used to will continue on the Amsterdam AI channels. So please register below to stay up to date!  

  • ADS’s Integration with Amsterdam AI – Next Steps

    Amsterdam Data Science is excited to announce the next step in joining forces with Amsterdam AI. Together, we will support Amsterdam’s development as an international hub for Responsible AI.

  • Amsterdam AI and Smart Health Amsterdam: joining together for an innovative future

    Big news! Amsterdam AI and Smart Health Amsterdam are joining together for an innovative future in what Geert ten Dam, chair of the Amsterdam AI governing board, calls “the next logical step” in Amsterdam’s development as an international hotspot for responsible AI.

  • ADS TECH020 Career Fair Recap

     The annual ADS TECH020 Career Fair took place on  April 13th at Lab42, Amsterdam Science Park. We hosted 16 companies and 200 students who made it a lively and interactive event. Few of the companies that attended where: KPN, Cloudflight, UWV, Creative Clicks B.V., Aurai, Xebia Data, Savills and Equals.Amsterdam. *Photo credit by Teus Hagen

  • ADS Partner Dinner | Invitation Only

     ADS will host its second ADS Partner Dinner on June 1st  at Mediamatic in Amsterdam. 

  • Symposium in honor of Cees de Laat and Leon Gommans

    A symposium entitled ‘From Systems and Networks to Complex Cyber Infrastructures’ took place on 9th December 2022 in honor of Cees de Laat (UvA IvI) and Leon Gommans (UvA IvI).

  • CWI spin-off DuckDB Labs partners with Motherduck, which raises $47.5 million

    CWI spin-off company DuckDB Labs helped create startup MotherDuck which aims to connect DuckDB to the cloud. MotherDuck sports some big names: its CEO is Jordan Tigani, founding engineer at Google’s BigQuery, Google’s fully managed data analysis platform. A big part of the $47.5 million funding comes from Andreessen Horowitz, a prominent venture capital firm, specialized in technology startups.

  • Building an international research community: HHAI Conference 2023

    Breaking ground as the first international conference on Hybrid Human Artificial Intelligence, HHAI22 held its first-ever in-person meeting in Amsterdam in the summer of 2022, establishing the beginnings of an international research community. ADS contributed to the conference by hosting a Meetup around the topic of Hybrid Intelligence.

  • Inaugural Speech Nanda Piersma

    There are legal rules and ethical frameworks, but little or no practical guidance on responsible design. In her inaugural lecture “System error, please restart”, Nanda Piersma argues what ‘responsible’ means and how we can carry out the (further) development of IT systems in such a way that they earn our trust.

  • Fixed number of students for VU Computer Science

    Computer Science at the VU may become a victim of its own success. To be able to handle the situation, next year the department will introduce a numerus fixus as well as other measures.

  • Save the Date: 8th of December 2022 14.00 | ADS Highlights Event

    On the 8th of December at Pakhuis de Zwijger, ADS will host its annual Highlights Event. ADS invites all her partners to join on this festive afternoon to celebrate this year’s achievements. 

  • Opening Delta Lab 2

    Delta Lab 2 was officially opened on 23rd September 2023.. The UvA and world-leading technology company Bosch have agreed to extend their established collaboration with the launch of a new public-private research lab.

  • Ecosystem for Digital Twins in Healthcare

    The EDITH project started on October 1st, a coordinating and support action (EU funding), in which the UvA is a partner with the Computational Science Lab, CSL, (Alfons Hoekstra) of the Informatics Institute

  • ADS Thesis Awards 2022

    The ADS Thesis Awards aim to promote excellence in Data Science and AI from students at BSc and Master level. The Awards are open to students from all Amsterdam-based knowledge institutes.

  • Join LAB42’s Grand Opening on the 22nd of September

    On the 22nd of September LAB42 will host its Grand Opening from 15:00 onwards. LAB42 is an international hub for developing talent in the fields of digital innovation and AI. The building is the result of a partnership between the UvA, the municipality of Amsterdam and the business sector.

  • Register for the Data Science Day on the 13th of October

    The UvA Data Science Centre, part of the University Library, is pleased to host its second yearly Data Science Day on the 13th of October 2022.

  • CWI to collaborate with VHTO and ADS for a childrens’ gamelab during Open Day of Amsterdam Science Park

    During the Open Day at Amsterdam Science Park on the 1st of October, CWI will open its doors from 12.00-17:00. CWI will collaborate with ADS and VHTO to organise a Gamelab at the CWI’s Mathematics and Computer Science Market.

  • Evangelos Kanoulas appointed Professor of Information Retrieval and Evaluation

    Dr. Evangelos Kanoulas has been appointed professor of Information Retrieval and Evaluation, at the Informatics Institute of the Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The appointment came into effect on 1 March 2022.

  • Looking for: questionnaire respondents who work with AI-based systems

    B.A. (Bart) Lameijer (Faculty of Economics and Business and Section Business Analytics) is looking for participants to complete this survey.

  • CWI Researcher Hannes Mülheisen wins NWO VIDI grant

    CWI Researcher Hannes Mühleisen has received an NWO VIDI grant of 800.000 euros to develop a framework to create a Responsible Decentralized Data Architecture (RDDA).

  • In memoriam Martin Kersten

    Sadly, Prof. Dr. M.L. (Martin) Kersten (1953-2022), fellow of Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), the national research center for mathematics and computer science in Amsterdam, and emeritus professor of computer science at the University of Amsterdam, passed away on 6 July 2022.   He will be missed by family, friends and the international database community.   Read More

  • ADS is hiring an Events Manager

    Are you a natural networker, interested in helping to grow a dynamic ecosystem? Are you passionate about organising events? Do you like working as part of a small, enthusiastic and agile team as well as independently? Are you looking to take on varied responsibilities in order to develop your career?

  • Launch of the Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning Platform Market Guide

    Data Science and Machine Learning are evolving rapidly with trends such as vision augmentation and data democratisation. Dataiku has released an open report to facilitate those with technical and non-technical roles with the application of multipersonal DSML platforms.    

  • AI4Intelligence Project Granted

    NWO has granted the KIC Data and Intelligence project “AI4Intelligence: from Multimodal Data to Trustworthy Evidence in Court”. This project, led by Marcel Worring of the Informatics Institute, will fund 5 PhD students and applied researchers and is a collaboration with Utrecht University, TU/e, VUA, University of Applied Sciences Leiden, and The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

  • Launch of Constance van Eeden PhD Fellowship

    To stimulate the recruitment of female PhD candidates, CWI launches the Constance van Eeden PhD Fellowship in 2022. From this year on the fellowship offers one PhD position to a talented young female student in mathematics or computer science or a related field of science.  

  • Opening of POP-AART lab, a new ICAI Lab

    New AI-strategies for improving radiotherapy The Netherlands Cancer Institute, the Informatics Institute (UvA) , and Elekta officially launched their Partnership for Online Personalized AI-driven Adaptive Radiation Therapy (POP-AART). Within this lab the involved parties collaborate on the development of new AI strategies for the further improvement of precision radiotherapy. This concerns the personalization of treatment by improving the quality of imaging used during treatment, predicting and accounting for changes in the patient’s anatomy over time, and automatically adapting radiation delivery each time a patient is treated.

  • Dutch Applied AI Award

    The Dutch Applied AI Award is one of the awards presented during the annual Computable Awards. Since 2020 the Centre of Expertise Applied AI together with Computable and the podcast De Dataloog reward an innovative initiative in the field of applied Artificial Intelligence.

  • Digital Interactions Lab. A new research group at the Informatics Institute.

    The Digital Interactions Lab. Our research bridges the gap between the technology-oriented and market-led formulation of the smart agenda with a sociological and psychological understanding of what people need artificial intelligence to be, and how data science might enhance our societies. This is a research group within the Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam.

  • University of Applied Sciences opens new Applied AI Master track

    The University of Applied Sciences has opened applications for its new Master Applied AI per April 1st 2022. This Dutch, 1-year Master’s programme allows students to understand, design, develop and implement AI. For the study year of 2022-2023 there will be place for 30 students.

  • Dutch Research Agenda Funding for research consortium with Maarten de Rijke as Principal Investigator

    Maarten de Rijke, Professor of AI and Information Retrieval at the University of Amsterdam, is the Principal Investigator of the consortium of the research project LESSEN: Chat-based Conversational Intelligence with Limited Resources. The allocated amount is 4.6 million euros.

  • EuroSys Jochen Liedtke Young Researcher Award

    Cristiano Giuffrida (VU) receives EuroSys Jochen Liedtke Young Researcher Award.

  • ICAI Amsterdam (UvA) and Bosch extend collaboration with new research lab

    The UvA and technology company Bosch have agreed to extend their established collaboration with the launch of a new public-private research lab. Delta Lab 2 – the follow-up to the successful collaboration Delta Lab 1 – will focus on the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for applications in computer vision, generative models and causal learning. 

  • S2Group Researchers receive JSS best paper award

    Roberto Verdecchia (VU), Patricia Lago (VU), and Ivano Malavolta (VU), jointly with Philippe Kruchten (University of British Columbia), were awarded with the best paper award of the Journal of Systems and Software (JSS). 

  • Maarten de Rijke (UvA) inducted into the ACM SIGIR Academy

    The ACM SIGIR Academy honors and recognizes individuals who have made significant, cumulative contributions to the development of the field of information retrieval (IR).

  • Jasmin Blanchette wins the 2022 Dutch IT Research Prize

    The 2022 Dutch IT Research Prize has been awarded to Jasmin Blanchette, associate professor at VU Amsterdam’s Department of Theoretical Computer Science. This prize is accompanied by a sum of €50,000, for his research on theorem provers.

  • ADS presents TECH020 | Invitation to Students

    Amsterdam Data Science is hosting the fourth edition of its Career Fair: ADS presents TECH020. This will take place on Thursday April 14th, in-person at the Student Hotel in Amsterdam. The Career Fair is for all students in their final year of studies, whether that’s Bachelor, Master or PhD. We have a raft of different types of companies participating, including startups, consultancies, tech, retail, and banking.

  • The Noise Gap – interactive art on the Gender Gap in science

    Causes of the gender gap and manifestations of gender bias in science have been extensively researched and demonstrated. Yet this sound is often not heard. To draw attention to this issue, an interactive sound artwork is coming to the Science Park campus.

  • Civic AI Lab on UNESCO’s top 100 list of AI solutions worldwide

    Civic AI Lab’s proposal for the UNESCO’s International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) has been rated early stage with great potential and therefore made it to the top 100 projects list of AI solutions worldwide. 

  • Improving the world through the power of advanced analytics

    The Amsterdam Business School (UvA) and ORTEC, in collaboration with Prof. Dimitris Bertsimas of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), founded the Analytics for a Better World Institute. This institute aims to use data analysis to increase the impact that NGOs and the public sector can have on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Trustworthiness of AI: the key to future medical use

    AI is slowly becoming integrated into medical practices around the world. But how can we bridge the gap between the systems being developed by research and industry in ophthalmology? A team of UvA researchers studying the use of AI in health, and specifically in ophthalmology, believes the key lies in the trustworthiness of the AI, as well as in involving all relevant stakeholders at every stage of the production process.

  • Best paper of the year award for the Hybrid Intelligence Center

    The paper “A Research Agenda for Hybrid Intelligence” was awarded the prize for the best paper in IEEE Computer in 2020! The paper sets out the research agenda for the Hybrid Intelligence Center.

  • 2 million euros for Human-Centered AI research

    The AI, Media & Democracy Lab, a collaboration of UvA (project leader), HvA and CWI, has been awarded a grant of 2.1 million euros within the NWO call ‘Human-centered AI for an inclusive society – towards an ecosystem of trust’.

  • Stacey Jeffery wins ERC Starting Grant for quantum algorithms on quantum computers with limited memories

    Stacey Jeffery, senior researcher at CWI’s Algorithms and Complexity Group and QuSoft in Amsterdam, is awarded an ERC Starting Grant of 1.5 million euro for research on Algorithms, Security and Complexity for Quantum Computers (ASC-Q). The grant helps ambitious younger researchers launch their own projects, form their teams and pursue their best ideas.

  • Dutch intensive care units collaborate on ‘world first’ data-sharing project

    New data-sharing collaborations will use AI to help treat severely ill patients. Intensive care providers in the Netherlands have launched a new collaboration to improve the treatment of critically ill patients. The collaboration is an initiative of Diederik Gommers of the NVIC (Dutch Association for Intensive Care) and is led by Dr Paul Elbers, an intensivist at Amsterdam UMC and founder of Amsterdam Medical Data Science.

  • Which stereotypes are ingrained in AI language models?

    Depending on how exactly they are made, AI algorithms can inadvertently discriminate or perpetuate stereotypes. In a new study, researchers from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) describe a way to find out which stereotypes are ingrained in AI language models. They also show that those stereotypes can shift quickly if you feed the AI new data.

  • ADS Presents Tech020 | Career fair for Data Science & AI

    Looking for talent? Amsterdam Data Science will be hosting its third career fair for final year bachelor's, master's and PhD students on March 3rd.

  • Three promising researchers from the Informatics Institute (UvA) and the CWI received a Veni Grant

    Simon Telen (CWI), Eric Nalisnick (Informatics Institute) and Vlad Niculae (Informatics Institute)  received Veni Grants from the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The recipients can use the Grants – up to a maximum of 280,000 per researcher - to further develop their research ideas over the next three years.

  • Data without pizza #3: A talk on AI in health by Professor Peter Szolovitz

    The Data plus Pizza meetups by Amsterdam Medical Data Science are back: for the time being, they’re held online, and without pizza. In the third non-pizza edition, AMDS hosted a talk on AI in health by Peter Szolovits, professor of computer science and engineering at MIT and head of the clinical decision-making group within the Computer Science and AI Lab (CSAIL).

  • Winners of the ADS Thesis Awards Announced!

    The ADS Thesis Award winners for 2020 are Rachel van ‘t Hull and Hongyu He in the BSc category, and Selma Muhammad and Martine Toering for the MSc category. The winners were announced at the ADS Highlights Event on the 9th of December 2021.

  • Vacancy: Community Manager for Amsterdam Data Science

    Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) is looking for a Community Manager who is interested in strengthening the  Data Science and AI ecosystem in Amsterdam. If this sounds like you, apply now!

  • Sennay Ghebreab receives Black Achievement Award 2021

    Sennay Ghebreab, associate professor of Socially-Intelligent AI, received the Black Achievement Award 2021. Ghebreab received the Black Achievement Award in the category Science and Education for his academic contributions to inclusive artificial intelligence and for his social engagement with diaspora communities.

  • A.M. Turing Award Evening

    The A.M. Turing Award Evening took place on Thursday 4th November, titled "Compilers, Algorithms and International Collaboration". In the webinar, three scientists discussed the latest developments in the field of compilers and algorithms.

  • HvA, HR and HU: Building the Centre for Responsible Applied AI

    The Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht Universities of Applied Sciences have received a SPRONG grant from Regieorgaan-SIA, with which they - together with 24 partners from the field - can build an infrastructure for a powerful research group. A group that is regionally and nationally recognised as the centre for practice-based research in the field of Responsible Applied AI.

  • AI investments highly profitable in the Amsterdam region

    Every €1 invested in R&D for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Amsterdam region can generate more than €5 in extra economic prosperity in the long term. This is the outcome of research into the added value of R&D investments in AI, carried out by SEO Economic Research on behalf of the Amsterdam coalition AI Technology for People and Amsterdam Data Science.

  • Data Science Day 2021

    The inaugural Data Science Day showcased the data-driven research taking place at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and was hosted by the Data Science Centre. Pitch presentations from 10 researchers across five faculties at UvA demonstrated the data science they are doing and keynote speaker, Suzy Moat, took the audience on a scenic journey to explore if beautiful environments are good for our health and happiness.

  • The UvA Data Science Center announces 7 new interdisciplinary data science PhD positions

    The UvA Data Science Center (DSC) has announced seven new interdisciplinary PhD positions. These mark new collaborations between all seven faculties at the university. The PhD positions will research new data science methods that help to tackle challenging problems in a given domain.

  • New IPN Special Interest Group

    The new IPN Special Interest Group 'Future Computer Systems and Networking' has been set up together with Paola Grosso, professor of Multi-Scale Networked Systems (UvA), Fernando Kuipers, professor of Internet Science (TU Delft) and Alexandru Iosup, professor of Massivizing Computer Systems (VU Amsterdam).

  • Rob van der Mei (CWI) and Sandjai Bhulai (VU) receive 2021 Huibregtsen Award

    Professor of applied mathematics, Rob van der Mei (CWI/VU), and professor of business analytics, Sandjai Bhulai (VU), have been named the joint winners of the 2021 Huibregtsen Award for their research project on ‘Mathematics for a safer and healthier Netherlands’.

  • UvA-led consortium wins long-term NWO support for trustworthy AI

    A University of Amsterdam-led consortium, which will focus on the development of trustworthy AI-based systems, will be supported with €25 million from the NWO via the Long-Term Programme scheme.

  • Yoni Schirris, IvI PhD candidate, wins first edition of UvA 3MT pitch competition

    Yoni Schirris, PhD candidate at the Informatics Institute, UvA and the Netherlands Cancer Institute, has won the first edition of the UvA 3MT pitch competition (see video). He will represent the University of Amsterdam in the international finals in early October.

  • Queen Máxima opens a supercomputer for Dutch science

    Queen Máxima performed the official opening of the new national supercomputer Snellius, ten times more powerful than its predecessor and located at Amsterdam Science Park. All researchers at Dutch universities and research institutes will be able to use it.

  • Innovation Fund Noord Holland finances UvA-IvI spin-off Ellogon.AI

    Ellogon.AI develops AI technology for the diagnosis of cancer immunotherapy and is founded by Efstratios Gavves and Evangelos Kanoulas, researchers at the Informatics Institute, UvA. The spin-off has been awarded €297,000 from the Noord-Holland Innovation Fund to finance the development of its AI technology to assess tissue from cancer patients.

  • NEMO Exhibition: Bits of You

    A new exhibit for adults has opened at NEMO's De Studio. "Bits of You" demonstrates how the traces of data you leave behind every day affect your life. The exhibition runs until Sunday 9th January 2022.

  • Max Welling will lead new Microsoft Research Lab in Amsterdam

    As of September 2021, Max Welling will lead the new Microsoft Research Lab in Amsterdam. He will keep his appointment at the University of Amsterdam as full professor and continue to supervise his students and postdocs.

  • Annette ten Teije appointed as Full Professor in AI in medicine

    On 15 June, Annette ten Teije was appointed as Full Professor in AI in medicine at the Computer Science Department of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). Jointly with other VU researchers and various AI groups, she will perform research in the field of AI in medicine and set up a new AI for health master track.

  • Amsterdam Intelligence | Website Launch

    On 29 June 2021, the CTO Innovatieteam at the City of Amsterdam launched the Amsterdam Intelligence website where it will share information about urban AI projects as well as share data and code.

  • Arnold Smeulders awarded Honorary Medallion from the UvA

    The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has started a new tradition: the annual Medallion Day. On this day each year, the UvA will award Honorary Medallions to individuals who have made a special contribution to the university. At the first Medallion Day, which took place on Friday 25th June, there were six laureates and the Informatic Institute's Arnold Smeulders was one of the winners.

  • Emma Beauxis-Aussalet wins a WEnnovator Award

    Emma Beauxis-Aussalet, Assistant Professor of Ethical Computing at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) received an WEnnovator Award.

  • 2021 ADS Thesis Awards are now open nominations

    ADS is seeking nominations for the ADS Thesis Award 2021 for the academic year 2020-2021. Winners of the awards will receive a cash prize sponsored by the UvA DSC, Elsevier and ADS, and will present their work at the ADS Highlights Event in December.

  • Judith Good appointed professor of Human Factors in the Internet of Things 

    Dr Judith Good has been appointed as professor of Human Factors in the Internet of Things at the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

  • Center of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence have been awarded € 500,000 from KNAW/NRO

    The Center of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence has been awarded a Comenius grant of € 500,000 for their project: AI4Students. With this grant they want to equip students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) with the tools and knowledge needed to be AI ready for when they enter the labour market.

  • Jacco van Ossenbruggen appointed as Full Professor of Human-Centered Data Science

    Jacco van Ossenbruggen has been appointed as Full Professor of User Centric Data Science at the Computer Science Department of the Vrije Universiteit (VU). Together with other VU researchers, as well as those from other institutions, Van Ossenbruggen will continue his data driven research and data analysis with a focus on “human-centeredness”.

  • Maastricht Summer School | Introduction to Data Science

    This course will provide an introduction to data science by covering the basics methods and practices of a data science project. The course is designed around the data science lifecycle to show the techniques for handling a data science project.

  • The DSC Awards Funding for 15 New Data Science Positions

    Through its Accelerate Programme, the DSC has awarded funding to help six UvA faculties hire data scientists and engineers. This brings UvA's total commitment to expanding data-driven research to €4.8 million in 2021 so far.

  • ELISE | Call for funding

    Receive funding up to €60.000. ELISE will select 16 SMEs and start-ups that develop AI services or applications in one of the ELISE/ELLIS focus areas with the support of a Scientific Advisor.

  • High Performance Computing and Big Data Course

    The objective of this course is to introduce individuals with limited programming knowledge to various HPC facilities. At the end of the course, they will be able to use them avoiding common pitfalls, thus saving them money and time.

  • Animesh Trivedi receives NWO KLEIN-1 grant

    Machine Learning from Storage: Democratizing Machine Learning for All Using Scalable, Efficient, Distributed Non-Volatile Memory Storage Technology. Value of the award is 350K euro, to be spread over four years. Animesh Trivedi is Assistant Professor in the Massivizing Computer Systems research group.

  • Lorentz-eScience Explainable AI Workshop Competition

    Every year the eScience Center and the Lorentz Center invite researchers to join the Lorentz-eScience competition. This year the competition aims to host a leading-edge workshop on explainable AI for science.

  • ADS Research Coupon: Commercial Waste in the City

    At the beginning of 2020, ADS awarded a €5,000 research coupon to the HvA and the City of Amsterdam to employ a research assistant to measure the impact of “Reinigingsrecht” on household waste facilities in Amsterdam.

  • Tackling multimedia data with AI techniques

    There is a new research group within the Informatics Institute, Multimedia Analytics Lab Amsterdam (MultiX). Marcel Worring, chair of the group: 'Our group brings multimedia research together in a unique way in the Netherlands and beyond".

  • Dutch Applied AI Award

    Last year, during the Month of the AAI in November, the Centre of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence presented the Dutch Applied AI Award for the first time. This year they are back for a second edition. The award is part of the Computable Awards and is for suppliers of AI solutions, start-ups in the AI ​​field and good examples of the implementation of AI.