Amsterdam Intelligence | Website Launch

On 29 June 2021, the CTO Innovatieteam at the City of Amsterdam launched the Amsterdam Intelligence website where it will share information about urban AI projects as well as share data and code.

The City of Amsterdam believes that AI will change the world and it wants to ensure that it is open and transparent about the technology it is using to make sure it is changing it for the better.

That is why the City of Amsterdam has launched a new website together with its (academic) partners where it will publish blog posts about the AI projects in the city.

The launch event featured talks about several projects that the City of Amsterdam is currently working on, including:

  • Privacy blur for panorama images
  • Annotating 3D urban point cloud data
  • Why build AI for citizens?
  • Scanning the streets of the city using computer vision
  • 1.5-metre meter

You can watch a recording of the launch event here.

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