Queen Máxima opens a supercomputer for Dutch science

Queen Máxima performed the official opening of the new national supercomputer Snellius, ten times more powerful than its predecessor and located at Amsterdam Science Park. All researchers at Dutch universities and research institutes will be able to use it.

Most powerful high-performance computing system in the Netherlands

Snellius is accessible to all Dutch scientists. The supercomputer is managed by SURF, the ICT cooperative for education and research, and is located at the Amsterdam Science Park.

The system will be built in phases in the coming years and will eventually achieve a peak performance of 14 petaflop/s (or 14 quadrillion calculations per second). This makes it the most powerful high-performance computing system in the Netherlands. By using the latest generation of GPUs (graphics processing units), the computer is also very useful for machine learning.

The new supercomputer has been financed with €18 million by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (via NWO) and €2 million from SURF.

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