Emma Beauxis-Aussalet wins a WEnnovator Award

Emma Beauxis-Aussalet, Assistant Professor of Ethical Computing at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) received an WEnnovator Award.

WEnnovate is a community that exists to improve the state of diversity in science and technology by creating a more equitable, gender-just and inclusive world. Through connections, forums, workshops, mentoring and career placements, they connect, share and exchange with WEnnovators around the world. Making change happen.

Emma Beauxis-Aussalet

Emma Beauxis-Aussalet is Assistant Professor of Ethical Computing at the VU. Her prior research at CWI has developed statistics and visualizations that make bias and error more understandable for the general public, and thus contribute to making AI more fair, transparent and accountable. She holds a PhD from Utrecht University, Masters in Computer Science and Communication, and has worked as an R&D engineer and a designer.

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