AI4Intelligence Project Granted

NWO has granted the KIC Data and Intelligence project “AI4Intelligence: from Multimodal Data to Trustworthy Evidence in Court”. This project, led by Marcel Worring of the Informatics Institute, will fund 5 PhD students and applied researchers and is a collaboration with Utrecht University, TU/e, VUA, University of Applied Sciences Leiden, and The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

It is co-funded by the National Police, Netherlands Forensics Institute, TNO and  seven companies. The project is conceived on the premise that law enforcement is faced with huge amounts of data from online platforms, digital marketplaces, or communication services. Finding evidence in such large collections of text, images, and other data and bringing it to court is a time-consuming process. Artificial Intelligence tools are a promising way to make this more efficient and effective. But currently no clear legal regulations for AI tools are in place. In AI4Intelligence we let AI tool development, the use of the tools by investigators, and legal regulations go hand-in-hand so investigations lead to trustworthy evidence that is admissible in court.


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