Mission and Vision

ADS is a network organisation of academic and industry partners that has established a strong Data Science and AI ecosystem in Amsterdam. ADS exists to facilitate the growth and international standing of this ecosystem.

ADS has its mission to connect academia, industry and society in a diverse Data Science and AI ecosystem in the Amsterdam region where collaboration, innovation and engagement are key to the network. Secondly, its vision to strengthen the diverse Data Science and AI ecosystem in Amsterdam and promote Amsterdam as a leading European hub in Data Science and AI research and education.

To build a strong ecosystem it is important to have clear core values with which every individual and organisation within the ecosystem are aligned. Furthermore, these should set an example for the types of partners ADS should pursue when expanding the network. These core values are to participate, collaborate and innovate.


We want to maximise participation and engagement from those in academia, industry and society. This means providing a platform where people can come together and share knowledge and experiences. Everyone in the ecosystem should feel motivated to participate by joining events, meetups or contributing to the ADS blog and newsletter.


Those in our network should seek to collaborate in order to strengthen Data Science and AI education and research. Sharing challenges and helping to fund research leads to a well-connected ecosystem where participants in the network can learn and grow. This kind of collaboration will strengthen Amsterdam as a leading European hub for Data Science and AI.


Innovation is key to Amsterdam being a nationally and internationally recognised leader in Data Science and AI. Those in our network should have the drive to apply and innovate Data Science and AI in research, business and society to the benefit of all involved.