ADS facilitates a local ecosystem to encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing and engagement. This requires a collaborative environment where academia, industry and society are aware of the value they receive from their partnerships.

Initially, ADS was funded through the Amsterdam Academic Alliance (AAA), a joint initiative of the UvA and VU, aimed at intensifying collaboration with each other and with other knowledge institutes in the region. AAA brought together over 35 professors from five Amsterdam academic institutions: UvA, VU, CWI, HvA and Amsterdam UMC.


ADS was created to connect the knowledge institutes and external parties in the field of Data Science. It acts as the first point of entry for anyone looking to collaborate in research or access the talent pool. Academic Partners of ADS benefit from having a single, highly visible representative of the Data Science and AI research that elevates and promotes their work to drive more funding towards the research. Industry Partners of ADS benefit from gaining access to the world-class research and the talent pool through a single point of entry.

ADS is now funded through its partnerships with a number of industry partners and strengthening links among the different faculties in the knowledge institutes.