CWI Researcher Hannes Mülheisen wins NWO VIDI grant

CWI Researcher Hannes Mühleisen has received an NWO VIDI grant of 800.000 euros to develop a framework to create a Responsible Decentralized Data Architecture (RDDA).

Many data privacy issues stem from the all-too-common centralization of user data in a central location. Private data is currently centralized into the data silos of large tech companies. There the consumer, the data producer and supposed owner, no longer has access to or control over what happens to it. This has created all sorts of privacy nightmares in the past.

Mülheisen will work on designing a de-centralized data storage architecture where users’ data stays under their own control, for example on a smartphone. At the same time, limited central access to data remains possible, so users should still be able to enjoy the same functionality as before.

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