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  • Stefan Manegold wins 2020 Sigmod Contributions Award

    Stefan Manegold, group leader of Database Architectures at CWI, won the 2020 SIGMOD Contributions Award. The award recognizes his innovative work in the data management community to encourage scientific reproducibility.

  • International Mobility of Dutch AI Researchers is High

    The Rathenau Institute's latest report (in Dutch) on the international mobility of AI researchers shows that there is no "brain drain" of such expertise in the Netherlands but a "brain exchange".

  • UvA’s Systems and Networking Lab Divides to Grow

    The Systems and Networking Lab (SNE) at the Informatics Institute, UvA, has split into three new research groups. This will enable better focus into each research field: Complex Cyber Infrastructure, MultiScale Networked Systems and Parallel Computing Systems.

  • Dutch research institutions & Elsevier initiate Open Science partnership

    The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU), The Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU), NWO and Elsevier have formed a novel partnership that includes publishing and reading services as well as the joint development of new open science services for disseminating and evaluating knowledge.

  • CWI’s 25th Spin-off Officially Launches: is the 25th startup to come out of CWI. It focuses on domain specific software engineering and serves clients in the field of finance, health and embedded.