Davide Ceolin Selected as First IAS and DSC Joint Fellow.

The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) and Data Science Center (DSC) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) are joining forces in a new joint fellowship for (teams of) researchers interested in exploring the intersection of data science and other disciplines. The first fellow of the new program, Dr. Davide Ceolin, will start his fellowship at the IAS on June 17. Ceolin is currently affiliated with CWI.

Computational argumentation and Information Quality

During his fellowship, the computer scientist will focus on computational argumentation. Ceolin: “I am a computer science researcher keen on multidisciplinary research. As such, I see this fellowship as an opportunity to deepen my expertise both with respect to argumentation from the linguistic and philosophical point of view and with respect to advanced machine learning methods, especially in natural language processing (NLP).” A requirement for the joint fellowship program is interdisciplinarity, a collaborative mindset and bringing expertise and knowledge of new developments to the community. “I will contribute my expertise as a computer scientist and, in particular, as an applied information ethics scholar,” says Ceolin. “My research focusses on providing the tools and methods to tackle information ethics-related research questions, in particular related to information quality assessment.”

Kick-off lecture

Ceolin is already working with various UvA affiliated researchers, is coordinator of one of the clusters at the AI, Media, and Democracy lab and will expand his network and create new connections across the IAS and DSC community during this fellowship. He will kick off his fellowship with a public lecture in September 2022. Registration will be open on the IAS website.

Read more about the joint fellowship here.

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