ADS exists to connect academia, industry and society in a diverse Data Science and AI ecosystem in the Amsterdam region where collaboration, innovation and engagement are key to the network. Below you can download the strategy for ADS over the next five years from 2020-2024.

In December 2019, Amsterdam Data Science outlined its five year Strategy to facilitate the growth and international standing of the Amsterdam ecosystem.

For ADS to achieve its mission and vision, it has defined four key strategic goals in the Strategy 2020-2024.


  1. Strengthening the Synergy
  2. Growing the Data Science and AI Ecosystem
  3. Showcasing Amsterdam as a Leading Hub
  4. Increasing Brand Awareness



Strengthening the Synergy: Academia, Industry and Society


ADS must be conscious of its role in nurturing the ecosystem it has created. To do this it must continue to bridge academia, industry and society.


We believe it is critical that industry is fully engaged with academia. This is important for both assimilating new ideas from published research and for understanding problems industry partners have that can be addressed by research. The role of industry is also important with respect to valorisation, bringing research results to scale and helping to convey research and results to society.


We promote the best possible relationship between the knowledge institutes and between all research groups within our network. This will lead to more collaboration and knowledge sharing within academia which in turn drives academic and business innovation.


Engaging society is fundamental to our purpose of enabling the development of world-class Data Science and AI. Society plays a crucial role in research, although this is sometimes missed by academia and industry. The end goal of research is to have a positive impact on society: how to provide solutions to societal problems and concerns about technology. ADS hopes to better engage society, which in turn will lead to more recognition from the government on the importance of the research.


Growing the Data Science and AI Ecosystem

To continue to strengthen the Data Science and AI ecosystem in Amsterdam, ADS must continue to grow. However, being the biggest does not always mean being the best. It is important that ADS expands with the help of partners that are aligned in their ambitions and core values for the ecosystem (page 20, Ecosystem Strategy).

It is also important to look at the pipeline of Data Science and AI talent; to cultivate and strengthen relationships with the students. They are the future of the ecosystem and by helping to educate and connect students to academia, industry and society, they will in turn give back to the ecosystem as they progress through their careers.


Showcasing Amsterdam as a Leading Hub

Showcasing Amsterdam as a leading European hub benefits all members in the network. It strengthens the education and research that is being carried out by academia and industry as well as attracting diverse talent to the AMA.


Increasing Brand Awareness

ADS aims to continue increasing its regional brand awareness within the AMA. We need to be the go-to network organisation that individuals, companies and institutions approach to gain the best access to the Data Science and AI ecosystem.

We need to increase engagement with students, who will eventually work at these companies or institutes. Additionally, we need to work with regional, national and international networks more fluidly to have the best information with which to engage those in our ecosystem.