Yoni Schirris, IvI PhD candidate, wins first edition of UvA 3MT pitch competition

Yoni Schirris, PhD candidate at the Informatics Institute, UvA and the Netherlands Cancer Institute, has won the first edition of the UvA 3MT pitch competition (see video). He will represent the University of Amsterdam in the international finals in early October.

3MT stands for “Three Minute Thesis”. It is a pitch competition that originally started at the University of Queensland, it has become an international competition with representatives of 900 universities from 85 countries all competing against each other. The pitches revolve around explaining your PhD research to a lay audience in a video of no more than three minutes. This year, for the first time, the University of Amsterdam joined the competition.

AI and Immunotherapy

Yoni Schirris is working on an AI application that can determine which cancer patients may benefit from immunotherapy based on standard microscopic images of their tumour. By winning the UvA 3MT pitch competition, Schirris received €1000 and will now record a new pitch to represent the UvA in the international competition.

Want to support him? As of September 20, you can vote for him to win the People’s Choice Award.

Watch Schirris’s 3-minute pitch video.

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