Upcoming Events

Upcoming events
  1. ICAI: The Labs – AI for individual medical precision in the Netherlands

    In May, ICAI: The Labs is focused on AI for individual medical precision in the Netherlands. The Civic AI Lab and the AI for Precision Health Nutrition each present their work and discuss challenges and developments made in this field. The Civic AI Lab is a collaboration between City of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and University of Amsterdam (UvA). Civic AI Lab focuses on the application of artificial intelligence in the fields of education, welfare, environment, mobility, and health.

  2. ICAI: Launch Pad Café in May – join industry or start your own company

    ICAI has initiated the Launch Pad together with the Netherlands AI Coalition with the aim to connect AI talent with organizations in the Dutch ecosystem by providing a matchmaking process between AI-PhD students and Dutch companies looking for AI talent. There are no costs involved for the students. We do this on a non-profit basis.

  3. The first International Conference on Hybrid Human Artificial Intelligence

    Hybrid Human Artificial Intelligence (HHAI2022) is the first international conference focusing on the study of Artificial Intelligent systems that cooperate synergistically, proactively and purposefully with humans, amplifying instead of replacing human intelligence.

  4. PhD Defence | Dark Side of the Digital World

    VU Fakhra Jabeen Candidate will defend her PhD thesis entitled: “Dark Side of the Digital World” om September 6th 2022. Fakhra’s research was supervised by Jan Treur and Charlotte Gerritsen (both from VU)

  5. Data Science Day

    To celebrate all the data-driven research done at the UvA, the Data Science Center is hosting a Data Science Day. This will include workshops, pitch presentations and a keynote. More information will follow.

ADS Events

  • Meetups

    ADS organises many Meetups a year to bring together speakers from academia, industry and society. Our Meetups are in English.

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  • ADS Presents: TECH020

    ADS presents TECH020 is a Career Fair for all students in their final year of studies, whether that's Bachelors, Masters or PhD.

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  • Thesis Fairs

    Together with the Informatics Institute (UvA), ADS organises Thesis Fairs to facilitate students and organisations to meet and create innovative MSc thesis projects.

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  • Highlights Event

    The ADS Highlights Events brings together all Partners and those in the ADS Network to celebrate and feature the achievements of our Partners. It involves keynote speakers, research presentations and the ADS Thesis Awards.