Annette ten Teije appointed as Full Professor in AI in medicine

On 15 June, Annette ten Teije was appointed as Full Professor in AI in medicine at the Computer Science Department of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). Jointly with other VU researchers and various AI groups, she will perform research in the field of AI in medicine and set up a new AI for health master track.

Annette’s research focuses on knowledge representation and reasoning in the medical domain, e.g.: in medical guidelines, medical quality indicators and clinical trials. Excessive data has made it possible to construct and adjust medical models – not only by explicit modeling itself, but also by using data, digitally available literature or publically available knowledge sources (Linked open data). Contrary to the classic, merely knowledge driven approaches, this results in the integration of knowledge driven (reasoning) and data driven (learning) approaches. From the knowledge engineering, knowledge representation and the medical domain perspectives, Annette will aim to gain new insights. This research fits perfectly with the recently established VU Campus Centre Artificial Intelligence & Health.

About Annette ten Teije
Her interests include approximate reasoning, formalisation of medical knowledge, configuration of reasoning methods, and diagnosis. She obtained a degree in Computer Engineering in 1991 and spent a year in the computing industry before starting work on her PhD. She earned a PhD (1997) from the University of Amsterdam (SWI) for her thesis entitled “Automated configuration of problem solving methods in diagnosis”. She worked as a post-doc researcher at the Medical Informatics unit of the Imperial Research Cancer Fund in London, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (AI) and as a lecturer at the University of Utrecht (CS) before moving to the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2002.

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