Launch of the Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning Platform Market Guide

Data Science and Machine Learning are evolving rapidly with trends such as vision augmentation and data democratisation. Dataiku has released an open report to facilitate those with technical and non-technical roles with the application of multipersonal DSML platforms.



Key Findings

  • Multipersona data science and machine learning (DSML) platforms democratise the use of data science, bringing its value to an ever-larger audience of less technical experts.
  • Increasingly, multipersona platforms incorporate analytics and business intelligence functionality, covering the analytics spectrum from descriptive and diagnostic to predictive and prescriptive.
  • Expert data science, citizen data science and other approaches have clearly distinguished themselves and are thriving in separate but also combined initiatives, making DSML more a multidisciplinary group effort.
  • The responsible use of DSML is critical for business and society. Governance and risk management are required to meet the growing regulatory pressure regarding privacy protection, bias avoidance and transparency. Governance is also needed considering the business-criticality of DSML in digital transformation and decision automation.

Read more about this open report here.

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