Nanda Piersma appointed as crown member of the Social and Economic Council

Nanda Piersma, lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), has been appointed as a crown member of the Social and Economic Council (SER). This is the first time that a lecturer has been appointed as member of the SER. Nanda Piersma was approached because of her expertise in the field of digitisation.

According to the SER, digitisation is a topic that is growing in relevance and is included in many socio-economic issues. Nanda Piersma is lector in Responsible IT at the AUAS, and is director of the AUAS Center of Expertise Applied  Artificial Intelligence. Aside from that, Piersma is involved in various Amsterdam-based and national networks around Data Science, such as the platform for Practical ICT research (Prio), the Dutch AI Coalition (NLAIC). Until recently, Piersma was a Management Team member of Amsterdam Data Science. 

Read more about Nanda Piersma’s appointment as member of the SER here.

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