Center of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence have been awarded € 500,000 from KNAW/NRO

The Center of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence has been awarded a Comenius grant of € 500,000 for their project: AI4Students. With this grant they want to equip students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) with the tools and knowledge needed to be AI ready for when they enter the labour market.

We really want to get all students of the AUAS ‘AI-ready’ says scientific director Nanda Piersma. “This is not a general introduction to AI, it is about applying AI in the field they are trained in. So when students are studying to become an accountant or a physiotherapist for example, we already want to teach them about how AI is going to affect their work in the future.”

With the Comenius Leadership Fellow 2021, Piersma can start fulfilling that ambition over the next three years. “We actually want to start doing an AI impact scan, per course,” Piersma explains. “At what level is AI going to influence a field of work? What does that mean for what professionals need to be able to do, and then what does that mean for the education itself?” She hopes that this project will allow students to become more familiarized with AI and the implications of AI before they enter the job market.

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