New IPN Special Interest Group

The new IPN Special Interest Group 'Future Computer Systems and Networking' has been set up together with Paola Grosso, professor of Multi-Scale Networked Systems (UvA), Fernando Kuipers, professor of Internet Science (TU Delft) and Alexandru Iosup, professor of Massivizing Computer Systems (VU Amsterdam).

Computer systems and networks are at the root of any ICT application, and therefore should not be taken for granted. The new IPN Special Interest Group ‘Future Computer Systems and Networking’ wants to ensure this. The group’s Manifesto on this topic calls for action through Dutch research and education.

Computer systems are a vital part of ICT

An important first achievement of IPN’s new Special Interest Group is the publication of a Manifesto to draw attention to the fact that computer systems are a vital part of ICT. The Manifesto represents the combined views of dozens of specialists, clients, and societal stakeholders in the Netherlands. In essence, the Manifesto calls for an investment in research to make computer systems manageable, responsible, and sustainable, make them usable as an engine for growth and innovation, and educate experts and the general population about this increasingly important infrastructure.

I/O Magazine has published an interview with the three initiators.

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