Inaugural Speech Nanda Piersma

There are legal rules and ethical frameworks, but little or no practical guidance on responsible design. In her inaugural lecture “System error, please restart”, Nanda Piersma argues what ‘responsible’ means and how we can carry out the (further) development of IT systems in such a way that they earn our trust.

Nanda Piersma calls for this issue to be placed with the designers and builders of digital systems as well. How can they build IT systems that are responsible and of value to society? Without breaking laws or reducing the economic value of (IT) products? Responsible means transparent, inclusive and non-discriminatory. The desire to work responsibly means a process of maturity for the IT sector. System users will also have to become aware and make more responsible use of the systems.

During her lecture, Piersma will present the artwork Quantum Cats, made by Jeroen van der Most in collaboration with the Responsible IT team. She will also make the book “System error, please restart” available.

Her lecture can be followed via live stream –

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