CWI’s 25th Spin-off Officially Launches: is the 25th startup to come out of CWI. It focuses on domain specific software engineering and serves clients in the field of finance, health and embedded.

The startup emerged from the Software Analysis and Transformation (SWAT) research group at CWI, from which the first part of its name is derived. helps companies gain control over software development and maintenance with help of domain modelling and automated software analysis and transformation. Organisations are getting more and more dependent on software. It is difficult to align software with changing business purposes because of the complexity of business processes and increasing IT costs. This makes the adaptation of software time-consuming and sensitive to errors. This is caused by inefficient knowledge exchange between domain experts and IT developers. Rising maintenance costs are also caused by a high level of complexity of critical software. Developers have to search continuously in order to understand the code and this makes changes more expensive. models domain knowledge with a tailor-made domain-specific programming language. This makes communication between business experts and IT departments more efficient. Low-code systems try to reach the same goal, but’s solution is easier to integrate into existing systems and is better adaptable to specific demands. This new language is not only understandable for experts from the business, but also for auditors and software developers. is founded by a team of very experienced researchers from CWI’s SWAT research group: Paul Klint, Davy Landman and Jurgen Vinju.

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