You Make the City Event on 06 April

Creating a Greener Amsterdam!

The Citizen Data Lab (AUAS) is collaborating with De Gezonde Stad (The Healthy City), the Knowledge Mile and many other local partners: LetItGrow, Vandebron and The Student Hotel, for the event Jij maakt de stad! (You make the city!). The event (which will be held in Dutch) looks into the sustainability of the city of Amsterdam, and discusses how we can all contribute to creating a greener future.

The Citizen Data Lab was invited to create visual means of collaborative data collection during the event. The lab has prepared several collaborative visualisations, which will take shape during the event with the input of all participants. This input will subsequently be used for the formulation of a RAAK research funding proposal, around the collection of sustainability data or participatory data practices around sustainability.

More information about the event can be found HERE

If you are interested in joining the research project which will follow the event, please contact the coordinator of the Citizen Data Lab, Wouter Meys (

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