VU-IBM Masterclass on “Foundations of Cognitive Computing” (16-17 Nov)

The IBM Benelux Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) teamed up with our long term collaborators in academia, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, to deliver a 2-day masterclass, entitled “Foundations of Cognitive Computing”. The goal is to educate decision makers about the technology. The program features lectures by renowned VU professors Lora Aroyo, Guszti Eiben, and Frank van Harmelen, lectures by dr. Ken Barker, from IBM Research, NY and dr. Vanessa Lopez, IBM Research, Dublin, as well as demonstrations of past and present projects at CAS. Topics covered during the masterclass include:

  • The past, present and future of Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Cognitive Computing and Watson
  • How do Cognitive Systems learn?
  • Where is Watson now?
  • AI for the Masses (AI services in the cloud)
  • When AI Goes Bad (Ethics)
  • Demos and Corresponding Deep Dives

The dates for this Masterclass are 16-17 November 2017.

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