Vacancy for Full Professor in Artificial Intelligence at VU

Artificial Intelligence at the VU 
Candidates are invited who can contribute to the growth of AI teaching and research within our department. We are interested in AI experts who can contribute to any of the following directions for research in AI:

  • Integration of symbolic and subsymbolic methods;
  • Learning systems;
  • Explainable and responsible AI;
  • Embodiment of AI in many systems;
  • Interaction between humans and AI systems.

Our Artificial Intelligence Section comprises three research groups. Among these are the Computational Intelligence group lead by Prof. Guszti Eiben and the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning group lead by Prof. Frank van Harmelen. The successful candidate is expected to shape the third group according to his or her research interests and to collaborate with the other groups.

More information and to apply please see HERE

Deadline: 18 January 2018

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