Update on Amsterdam Academic Alliance Data Science Projects – July 2017

Within ADS, there is the Amsterdam Academic Alliance (AAA) Data Science funding stream, this is a joint initiative of UvA and VU, aimed at intensifying collaboration with each other and other regional knowledge institutions. The AAA-DS projects are unique in that they span multiple research domains (business, humanities, informatics, life sciences and social sciences), faculties and universities. There are 12 postdocs and 4 PhD students, each on a specific data science project within this 3-year programme.

Most AAA projects have been running for between 1.5 and 2 years now. In the table at the below link you can see a summary of the key highlights in the last 6 months, since the start of the project, and plans for the coming months for each project:

AAA Data Science Project Updates July 2017




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