The AUAS ECAAI becomes a Center of Expertise

As of the 1st February 2021, the AUAS Expertise Centre for Applied AI has been made a Center of Expertise (CoE). With this small change in name, the AUAS has become the first knowledge institute in the Netherlands with a CoE on applied AI.

Transitioning to a CoE provides significant recognition from the AUAS of the importance of practice-oriented research and education of applied AI.

CoEs started in 2011 as an important innovation in (higher) vocational education. They work in co-creation – with education, research, business and public organizations – on social solutions that have a positive impact. A value-based approach is part of this and inclusivity is a core value: everyone who has something to contribute must be able to participate. Based on current issues in the Amsterdam region, the AUAS has clustered its research and education into different CoEs, each theme related to a social or metropolitan theme important to Amsterdam.

Focus on Inclusive, Digital Transition

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science penetrate all capillaries of society. Scientific developments in these areas are rapid. The applications influence all sectors and professions – to a greater or lesser extent – for which the AUAS trains its students.

The CoE Applied AI focuses on the meaningful application of AI techniques in a specific context (healthcare, accountancy, media, retail, etc.). The seven faculty labs collaborate within the CoE – with education, research, business and civil society – to innovate. In the development and application of responsible and inclusive AI, the user is central, and the impact of AI in industry and society is investigated. This results in tools and training, thus contributing to an inclusive digital transition.

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