Supporting innovation in AI and healthcare

In October 2020, Amsterdam Medical Data Science (AMDS) made a call for proposals for seed projects that could fuel collaboration between data scientists and medical professionals. A total of four pitches have now been chosen to receive a €5,000 seed grant.

The four chosen projects:

Scientific Tinder for AMDS
A project by the Amsterdam Data Collective
With this project practitioners are able to find the needles in the haystack of important research articles on PubMed, so they can stay on top of the most important developments in their field. They can swipe right if they like a particular article – and articles with the most swipes are then shared with the larger community.

Real-time polyp classification in colonoscopy imagining data
A project by the University of Amsterdam
This project will use the grant to hire a student to start labelling the hundreds of raw videos of colonoscopies that can be used to teach a model to recognise whether a polyp is cancerous – and if so, at what stage it is.

Visualisation of coronary artery calcification
A project by MedicalVR
In this project they aim to train a neural network to recognise differences – and eventually visualise in virtual reality – the CT-scans of artery calcification. This would allow surgeons to practice operations on a patient’s digital reproductions before carrying out the actual operation. This technique has already been clinically validated for removing lung tumours – saving up to 50% more healthy lung tissue for the patient.

Predicting admission risk for heart patients
A project by Olivier Witteman Data Scientist at the VUmc
Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death globally, and is the costliest of noncommunicable diseases since it often involves hospitalisation. The aim of this project is to identify the most high-risk patients in turn decreasing mortality and costs.

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