Sport Data Valley launches new platform to analyse sports and movement data

Sport Data Valley provides researchers a place where they can analyse data and allows coaches and athletes to access these analyses. With this online platform, Sport Data Valley is connecting sport and science.

Sport Data Valley was developed by the Sport Data Center, the leading sports research center in the field of data in the Netherlands, headed by Leiden University, TU Delft, the Amsterdam Institute of Sport Science (represented by VU Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Science) and Twente University.

Managing Director Auke Damstra: “The online platform provides personalised dashboards and analysis of training, sleep and wellness. Users are able to collect, share and analyse data in a clear way. Data privacy is key, users can specify what data they choose to share and whom they share it with”.

Sport Data Valley makes research easier. The platform reduces administrative burdens and allows academic research to be readily available to a larger group of coaches and athletes. 

Sport Data Valley provides coaches and athletes with insights. Analysing sports and movement data with academic tools and models provides valuable insights. These insights can help improve sports performance, avoid injuries and help understand why people are or aren’t moving.

Sport Data Valley connects sport, science, companies and government. With their physical labs, they are providing a location where you can come to with questions about data. Through their education and training, current and future coaches are being taught to use data science in sport and with the online platform everyone is able to analyse movement data.

People interested in the app, can register directly through Sport Data Valley website:


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