SBIR is looking for a new AI and Blockchain Application

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program has opened a call for the development of new products and services using AI and Blockchain. Deadline for proposals is 19 October 2020.

The call for ‘New Technologies for Inclusion and Empowerment and Lifelong Learning and Development’ from the SBIR program is now open. It is looking for companies and entrepreneurs experienced in developing new products, applications or services in the fields of AI and Blockchain. Successful applicants will receive up to €20k.

Focus on a concrete social challenge

A project proposal must relate to AI or Blockchain and be aimed at tackling one of two social issues:

  1. Inclusion and empowerment: AI and Blockchain can contribute in various ways to making society more inclusive. In this corona crisis and the acceleration of the digital transformation due to this crisis, there is pressure to properly involve all citizens in our society and to continue to ensure the proper development of citizens.
  2. Lifelong learning and development: The corona pandemic accelerates digital transformation, requiring lifelong learning to focus more on digital skills. In addition, more attention to lifelong learning is needed now that more people are losing their jobs and retraining or further training is necessary.

You can read more about the requirements on the PNO website

The deadline for proposals is 19 October 2020.

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