Sandjai Bhulai (VU) will let Zombie Virus Loose at the Lowlands Festival

Sandjai Bhulai, Professor of Business Analytics at the VU, will let zombie virus loose at the Lowlands festival.

(In brief):

Bhulai is participating in a programme that allows scientists to use people at the Lowlands festival (18-20 August 2017) as ‘guinea pigs’. The aim of the programme is to bring science closer to the public.

The participants use an app on the festival grounds, which shows if there are zombies in the area. If the zombies are too close, the visitor is also infected, and they can also turn on others.

Very nice of course, but what can you do with such research?

“My field is analyzing data. For GGD Flevoland and RIVM, I use this information as a model of the spread of diseases… It is not a completely realistic representation of an epidemic. We will try to correct that in the model…” Sandjai Bhulai, Professor of Business Analytics at the VU.

The work is in collaboration with Maartje van Stralen, Assistant Professor at the Department of Health Sciences, VU, and Games for Health.

Full article available here (in Dutch)


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