Sabine Niederer Appointed Lecturer in Visual Methodologies

On 04 July, the Board of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences appointed Sabine Niederer lecturer of Visual Methodologies

This new position will focus on image as a tool for research and will lead to new insights and applications for practical research in fashion, media, design and digital technology.

Image as a “tool for research”

The term visual methodologies is commonly used for researching visual material, e.g. it involves studying (existing) imagery and its meaning in our society. The new position will go one step further: image is not only a study object but also a ‘research tool’. Research is increasingly being made and used to communicate or communicate outcomes, including infographics and data visuals to even tangible objects and VR simulations. With that visual material, researchers can analyse, interpret, and share information and data in a new and interactive way with others.

Visual twist

“The growing digital image culture – think of selfies, Instagram stories, filters, stickers and emoticons, – also see you in many professions where we retrain our students”, says Sabine. “Journalists turn on data-driven storytelling, NGOs work daily with social media dashboards to measure and control the impact of their campaigns, using fashion designers 3D technology, and cities launch open data platforms. It is important to consider these developments critically, and not just from the sidelines. With this position we will also develop innovative visual practices and materials. “

New visual research methods

In this lectureship, image is also a research tool for mapping social issues, exploring solutions, studying data sets from all sides, and communicating critical concepts and insights visually,” said Niederer. “This means that the lectureship will focus on developing new visual research methods and output, in collaboration with users, and with design students and teachers, as well as education and research partners in the field of data visualization, data-driven storytelling and manufacturers (through the Makerslab in the HvA Benno Premselahuis). “

About Sabine Niederer

Niederer (40) studied Art History and New Media and Digital Culture at Utrecht University. She graduated in Humanities from UvA , with Prof. José van Dijck, on a climate debate study on Twitter, Wikipedia and the web. In 2004, Sabine started at HvA, as a researcher at the Network Culture and Teacher at Interactive Media (CMD). Since 2012, she is head of the faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industry.

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