Registration is Open for the Dutch Data Science Awards 2018

Registration for the Dutch Data Science Awards 2018 is now open. This year, startups, companies, governments and PhD candidates also have a chance to win one of the three coveted awards. The registration period runs until 28 March, with the ceremony on 07 June (Aula, UvA).

The Dutch Data Science Awards were created to put exceptional innovative entrepreneurship and scientific research in the field of data science in the spotlight. The initiators – the Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen (KHMW) and the Big Data Alliance (BDA) – want to put the Netherlands on the map as the ultimate data science country. The organization provides three prizes with the cooperation of AIMMS, Lubbers De Jong, Motivaction and Ortec.

The three categories are as follows:

– STARTUP: The Anthony Fokker Prize for startups rewards companies that have existed for less than five years and apply data science in an innovative way. A sum of 3,000 euros is linked to this prize.

– INSTITUTIONAL: The Hendrik Lorentz Prize is intended for an organization within the business community or the government that applies data science in a distinctive and innovative way. There is no monetary amount associated with this prize.

– SCIENCE: The Gerrit van Dijk Prize is awarded to a PhD student. The prize is awarded on the basis of their submitted thesis. A sum of 3,000 euros is linked to this prize.

More information available HERE (in Dutch)


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