New national action plan for diversity and inclusion in scientific education and research

10 September 2020

Minister Van Engelshoven, from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, has set out some ambitious goals to create a more diverse, inclusive and safe learning and working environment in scientific education and research.

The five goals for 2025 are:

  • To embed diversity and inclusion in the assessment of research proposals and accreditations.
  • To improve monitoring of diversity in education and research, including social security and inclusion.
  • Establish an awards system to make policy and funding diverse and inclusive.
  • To bundle diversity plans of different institutions, so that there can be more cooperation.
  • Establish a national knowledge center for diversity and inclusion. This knowledge center will develop, bundle and share knowledge and expertise.

You can read more about the new national action plan on the Dutch government website.

ADS Thesis Award

Through our ADS Thesis Awards, we are aiming to promote diversity in Data Science and AI.

The ADS Thesis Awards aims to promote excellence in Data Science and AI from students at the Bachelor and Master level in all Amsterdam-based knowledge institutes. We are specifically encouraging nominations for thesis work by women and underrepresented minorities to encourage diversity in Data Science and AI research.

The deadline for nominations is 22nd September 2020.

Read more about the ADS Thesis Awards.