New Labs Established in the AUAS Expertise Centre Applied AI

The new AUAS Expertise Centre Applied Artificial Intelligence (ECAAI) encompasses all of the AUAS’s AI research and education activities. Launched in January 2020, the AUAS invests structurally in the application of AI and is an ADS Gold Partner.

The ECAAI labs, which are connected to the seven AUAS faculties, co-create to make AI work. The centre is a place where AI technology and knowledge of the application domain meet.

Each lab brings research, education and practices together to solve short and middle term challenges in the application of AI:

In the ECAAI, the development of applications of AI technology is driven in a responsible and inclusive manner. Technology and its implications for companies, organisations, governments and people can only be understood in context and through experimentation.

The different labs have strong connections with companies and organisations, which gives them the opportunity to share and implement AI technology. The partners also get help from the labs in training their employees in AI technology. The same goes for AUAS students and staff. In this way, the ECAAI connects talented students with the (future) workplace.

Want to know more about the expertise centre or do you want to collaborate in one of the labs mentioned above? Have a look at the website or send an email to:

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