New ICAI & Elsevier AI Lab

ADS Bronze partner, the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) and information analytics company Elsevier announce new Elsevier AI Lab. The lab, an exciting combination of forces between science and industry, is located in the Science Park, Amsterdam. The new Lab is a further strengthening of the prestige that the Amsterdam region enjoys in the Netherlands and abroad as a knowledge center for data science and AI.

The collaboration is a win-win situation: data scientists from Elsevier get the opportunity to work closely with academics, contribute to education and science and even perform PhD research. On the other hand, academics get a better picture of how artificial intelligence is used in practice to solve social problems. In short, the Elsevier AI Lab bridges the gap between the scientific and business worlds.

With this multi-year partnership, ICAI (a national collaboration of the UvA, VU and the municipality of Amsterdam) will receive a special environment in which AI researchers together with Elsevier will become a real society to solve problems. On the other hand, ICAI shares advanced technologies and insights in the field of artificial intelligence with Elsevier.

Maarten de Rijke, Director of the ICAI and Professor of Information Retrieval at the UvA: “Exactly this meeting of the scientific world and input from the business community, both so strongly represented in Amsterdam, makes the Elsevier AI Lab so interesting from a scientific point of view.”

Frank van Harmelen, AI professor at the VU, adds: “The existing collaboration between VU, UvA and Elsevier will be put in a higher gear with this new Elsevier AI Lab. We will innovate on a wide range of AI techniques, including knowledge representation, machine learning and information retrieval.”

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