New ADS Team

We are pleased to introduce two new members to the ADS team. Giulia Donker is the new Business Developer and Jeanne Kroeger is the new Community Manager.

We would like to give a huge thanks to Esther Smit and Eva Kenny for all the hard work they put in to developing the ADS network. We wish them every success, with Esther at ICAI and Eva at EPFL in Geneva. 

Giulia has recently graduated with a Masters in Data Science, having completed her Bachelors in Business Economics. She has experience in working in the Data Science industry as well as having organised the UvA Thesis Fair in 2018.

Jeanne has recently relocated to Amsterdam from London. She has a background in Chemistry but has been working in communications and project management for the last five years.


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  • Building an international research community: HHAI Conference 2023

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  • Inaugural Speech Nanda Piersma

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