Max Welling Awarded STW Perspective Grant for Deep Learning Research

STW Perspective Grant for Max Welling

A consortium that includes computer scientist Max Welling of the Informatics Institute has been awarded an STW Perspective Grant for research into ‘deep learning’ in the field of medical image analysis. The project is aimed at the efficient application of data related to problems that arise in medical imaging in fields such as pathology, cardiology and ophthalmology.

The DLMedlA consortium, which Max Welling is a part of, wants computers to learn by themselves how they can improve their analyses. This will be done with the help of new and promising ‘convolutional networks’, that is, special artificial neural networks which, as the researchers believe, will eventually surpass current computer solutions.

Radboud University, Erasmus University, TU Delft , Utrecht University and the UvA took part in the DLMedlA-consortium. The project was awarded € 650.000 over a 5 year period.

The consortium wants to move towards developing the next generation of medical imaging systems that can help doctors make diagnoses and conduct treatments. Technology foundation STW has given the green light to six major research programmes intended to lead to innovative technologies. The programmes are aimed at a more energy-efficient Internet of Things, curing osteoarthritis, more efficient protection from flooding, better imaging support for doctors, new ways of controlling light and a brain prosthesis that restores sight to the blind.

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