Launch of the Amsterdam Data Exchange (Amdex)

If data is the new gold, how can we ensure that we are all able to profit from its potential? The answer could be the Amsterdam Data Exchange (Amdex), an initiative of the Amsterdam Science Park and the Amsterdam Economic Board in cooperation with multiple partners, including Amsterdam Data Science. The project, as outlined in a recently released report, aims to provide broad access to data for researchers, businesses, governments and individuals in a secure marketplace for data. Inspired by the European Commission’s Open Science Cloud, the project is intended to connect with similar projects across Europe in time, and ultimately even become part of a global movement.

Read a short manifesto on the Amdex here (in Dutch)

Read the entire Amdex report here (Dutch with English summary) 

More about Amdex (website Amsterdam Economic Board)

Do you want to know more? In May we organise a meeting about the Amsterdam Data Exchange. Send an email to to be kept informed.


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