Jurgen Vinju and Joost Batenburg (CWI) and Sander Klous (UvA) on Predictable Algorithms

The Predictable Man: What is an algorithm?

Amsterdam Data Science Senior Researchers: Jurgen Vinju and Joost Batenburg from CWI, and Sander Klous from UvA, in the news talking on the subject of ‘Predictable Algorithms‘.

Your ‘phone already knows what you’re doing this weekend, but is your partner aware? Why don’t you qualify for that job? Or your loan application is rejected, could that be because an algorithm did not suit you?

These questions are investigated in the ‘EenVandaag’  summer series: The Predictable Man.

Everyone comes unconsciously into contact with algorithms daily. Algorithms are computer programs that can search for large amounts of data. By interpreting these large amounts of data, they can see patterns or draw conclusions that are impossible for humans. In the meanwhile, they determine which ads are on which sites, they predict crime rates through profiling and set the efficiency targets that employees should adhere to.

Jurgen Vinju (CWI) warns of their use: “Algorithms often use many prejudices that you do not perceive yourself…. ”

In the future, the influence of algorithms will only increase…

Sander Klous (UvA): “We are at a turning point. If we do not quickly make rules, we will get software that will judge you, without knowing that it does, and especially what it does.”

Read the full article & watch the video here (in Dutch)


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