In ‘Het Financieele Dagblad’ Today: Max Welling

This week in 'Big Data Amsterdam' FD journalist Job Woudt interviews Max Welling, Professor of Machine Learning at UvA.

The ‘Big Data Amsterdam’ series reports on the Amsterdam Data Science ecosystem where companies and knowledge institutions in Amsterdam collaborate in the area of ​​Big Data.

Max Welling is also co-initiator and owner of Scyfer, a start-up specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Scyfer works with various companies and institutions, one of which is Tata Steel. In this interview Max discusses their collaboration:

“… in the production of steel sheets there are defects… cameras film at high speed… allowing to segment faults … all these images are often viewed with the naked eye … now this is becoming more and more computerized.

… we are trying to improve this system further. The system selects and delivers images … the experts watch and send their findings through a ‘chat’ back. From that information, the system can then learn and improve

We call this type of interaction the human in the loop

We want to make systems like this where it is possible to train… You can do that by exchanging data … you see that people find it a positive, as the machine takes over the chores … in the medical world, for example, it enables doctors to have more time for patient care. Ultimately, it is that people want to do their job better

… companies are looking for ways to make devices smarter using data and algorithms. The collaboration with companies gives academics the freedom to explore, to develop new activities. It brings new possibilities … attracts good students who have opportunities… Thus a network arises where you analyze problems together and find solutions together

The Netherlands needs to invest more in data science and ICT in general … Everyone is looking for the technology and to the talent. We have accumulated a lot of knowledge in Amsterdam … ”

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