ICT.OPEN2019: Ethics in AI

On Wednesday 20 March, ADS and CWI held an interactive panel discussion on AI ethics at ICTOPEN.2019. The session addressed the roles and responsibilities of individuals, companies and universities regarding practicing ethical thinking and conducting data-driven research, products and services.


Virginia Dignum, David Graus, Hinda Haned, and Emiel van Miltenburg joined moderator Aysenur Bilgin, engaging in an invigorating discussion for an hour with the audience.

The discussion concluded with the message that ethical AI is in fact a choice we have to make. The four panelists unanimously recommended to:

  • Take responsibility when designing AI systems
  • Empower yourself to challenge and understand the implications of AI
  • Make ethical choices when using AI systems

The entire discussion around ethics should not be seen as a bug that puts barriers in front of AI developments. It should be observed as a feature to create reliable and robust AI systems of quality, which will thrive under the cooperation of humans and machines for effective, safe and trustworthy times to come.

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