Hybrid Intelligence Centre Launched

A consortium of leading Dutch AI researchers is launching the Hybrid Intelligence Centre supported by a €20 million grant from the NWO Gravitation program.

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science today granted €20 million over a 10-year period to a research programme on Hybrid Intelligence, with three senior ADS members as principle investigators.

Frank van Harmelen (VU), Maarten de Rijke (UvA) and Max Welling (UvA), together with colleagues from the TU Delft, and the Universities of Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht, will investigate new AI techniques for Hybrid Intelligence.

Hybrid Intelligence (HI) is the combination of human and machine intelligence, expanding human intellect instead of replacing it. Hybrid Intelligence requires meaningful interaction between artificial intelligent agents and humans to negotiate and align goals, intentions and implications of actions. Developing HI needs fundamentally new solutions to core research problems in AI.

The Centre will develop AI techniques aimed at exploring the differences between humans and  intelligent computers and to help build collaboration between the two in hybrid teams that perform better than people or computers separately.

Frank van Harmelen, leader of the Hybrid Intelligence consortium, said:

“Our Hybrid Intelligence Centre is a great example of the added value of Amsterdam Data Science: four of the six principle investigators are active participants in the ADS community. The only way to obtain such a large grant is through close collaboration across institutional boundaries, and ADS is a great help in forging those collaborations in Amsterdam and beyond.”

Check out the video.

For more information check out the Hybrid Intelligence Centre website.

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