HOSTKEY GPU Grant Program

The program is open to specialists and professionals in the Data Science sector performing research or other projects centered on innovative uses of GPU processing and which will glean practical results in the field of Data Science.

The objective of the competition is to support basic scientific research and prospective startups. This should help develop international cooperation and create the conditions for the implementation of scientific projects and IT projects in the field of AI and Machine Learning among teams from the European Union, the US and other countries.

GPUs have already played an integral role in training predictive models based on gigantic amounts of data. With this competition, HOSTKEY wish to support research in the following areas:

  • Innovations in one or more of the core elements of Data Science and Analysis, including loading, preprocessing, machine learning applications for its analysis, and the visualization of results;
  • The formulation of new GPU-based solutions for Data Science that had hitherto been performed on CPUs;
  • Ways of optimizing pre-existing GPU data problems with an eye for increased efficiency.

The research applications must focus on the above-mentioned challenges in any number of the following fields:

  • Data Science: approaches to the analysis of different sorts of data, across the application spectrum ranging from science to business, including but not limited to astronomy, biology, chemistry, genetics, aerospace, industry, green technology, geospatial, sociology, and finance;
  • Large-scale Data Science: scalability methods from one GPU upwards;
  • Applied Data Science: practical applications in real situations. This could entail projects dealing with actual data from algorithms used in business, for example, or for another practicable real-world application.

Submission Deadline: Saturday 30th May 2020 at 20:00 СET

HOSTKEY will provide the winners with computing power for the implementation of the work declared in the tender application no later than 22nd June 2020.

More information and to apply for the grant check out HOSTKEY’s website.

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