Fully Funded PhD Studentship in Behavioral Informatics

Fully Funded PhD Studentship at UvA, Informatics Institute (IvI):

Responsible Behavior Informatics (PhD in Artificial Intelligence)

This PhD position is focused on behavioral informatics. In particular, the PhD candidate will explore the development of responsible behavior informatics algorithms, especially concerning methods for mining and integrating behavior from textual resources. How can such methods be made fair (e.g., avoid discrimination even when attributes like gender, nationality and age are removed), confidential (e.g., how to avoid unintended leakage of information by randomization, aggregation, avoiding overfitting, etc.), transparent (e.g., to clarify answers such that they become indisputable)? Another important angle is to explore the limitations to what kind of inferences can be made subject to the constraints listed above, or what organizational decisions can be made about people based on those inferences (and what type of decisions we should not allow). Throughout the project, the PhD candidate will contribute to provide ethical algorithmic guidelines for the use of Big Data and subjective well-being data in organizations in a responsible way.


MSc degree in artificial intelligence or in computer science with a specialization in artificial intelligence or data science. A demonstrable background in machine learning and text mining. Excellent software engineering skills, English language skills, social skills, and team spirit. The candidates should appreciate an international and highly interdisciplinary environment in which academic-industrial collaboration is central.

Further information and how to apply HERE

Closing date: 29 January 2017

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