Frank van Harmelen in I/O Magazine on CLAIRE: Toward a vibrant & exciting AI scene

Read the interview in the current issue of I/O Magazine with Frank van Harmelen and Holger Hoos discussing the importance of a European initiative on AI, CLAIRE: the Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe. The aim of CLAIRE is to help the EU and national administrations to prevent brain drain of both students and faculty members and to make sure that Europe has a vibrant and exciting AI scene.

Frank van Harmelen strongly supports the CLAIRE initiative. He adds: ‘Europe is starting from a position of strength. A recent Elsevier study showed that Europe has the largest research output compared to China and the US. But we are in danger of losing our position due to lack of investments and commitment.’ Especially in the Netherlands the situation is not good, Hoos and Van Harmelen stipulate. ‘Countries such as the UK, Germany and France, and even Finland and Denmark are investing heavily. The Netherlands have a strong community and position in AI, and AI is one of the five themes in the “Kennis- en Innovatieagenda ICT”, but a visible dedicated AI programme is sorely missing.’

Read the full article in the I/O Magazine HERE

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