Eric Pauwels (CWI) Awarded NWO Funding for ‘Energy Intranets’

Congratulations to Eric Pauwels (CWI) who is project lead in recent NWO funding for the ‘Energy Systems Integration & Big Data‘ round. The call was set up in collaboration with Commit2Data and belongs to the NWO workprogramme Topsector Energy. The awarded projects focus on the development of new and sustainable energy systems, optimizing gas, electricity and cold/warmth. The use of Big Data and corresponding analyzing techniques are crucial in these projects.

Energy Intranets:

Renewable energy like sun and wind contribute to a more sustainable world. Because of their partly controllable variation in mostly decentral energy generation, balancing the electricity grid is getting more and more complicated. Based on a concrete question CWI wants to investigate how demand and supply can be predicted and utilized more accurately. CWI will receive an amount of almost 150K euros. CWI’s projectpartners are TU Delft, Universiteit Utrecht, Universiteit van Amsterdam, SURFSara, and Sympower. Furthermore CWI is involved in the project “Using small data and big data: Neighborhood Energy & Data Management Integration System”.

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