Elsevier’s Discovery Lab: Knowledge Graph for Research

Elsevier's ICAI Lab, a collaboration with UvA and VU Amsterdam, is developing an integrated knowledge graph for research.

Researchers at Elsevier’s Discovery Lab – part of ICAI in Amsterdam – are building an information system that could give researchers precise answers to their questions immediately, rather than having to browse a list of web-pages that might hold the answer deep in the text.

Frank van Harmelen, Professor of Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam and Academic Director of Elsevier’s DiscoveryLab, explained: “What we’re developing is an integrated knowledge graph for research. This model allows machines to identify and understand insights in unstructured data, such as articles, compared to today’s information about it.”

The joint lab between ICAI and Elsevier will therefore create a suite of tools to extract, integrate, scale, map and optimize rich knowledge graphs and test them on dedicated technical services. Those services will be directly supporting Elsevier’s platforms, including Entellect and Mendeley, and will connect with existing graphs and solutions, such as the Health and Biology knowledge graphs that underpin products such as Pathway Studio and ClinicalKey.

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