Elsevier Connect Chat with Experts on the Biggest Misconceptions of AI

Elsevier Connect – The biggest misconceptions about AI: the experts’ view

Elsevier chat with leading figures in AI research to get their view on the biggest misunderstandings around AI as well as their hopes and fears for the technology. Five experts reveal common misunderstandings around “the singularity” and what AI can and can’t do, including Amsterdam Data Science leading researcher Prof. Max Welling (University of Amsterdam and UC Irvine): “It’s a glorified signal processing tool, but it can be super beneficial.”

“At this point, many people think that AI is a silver bullet that will solve everything. In reality, it’s more that we can do really good signal processing. In other words, AI can extract relevant features, analyse images, and understand speech, but there is a lot of high level reasoning it can’t do. It can’t look at a picture and project into time about what will happen next or extrapolate as to what were the things that happened before and what the causal relationships were that led to the current image. That is a much more complicated understanding of a situation and is something we can’t do yet. It might take a while before we can.

“It’s important not to overestimate the current standards. It’s a glorified signal processing tool, but it can be super beneficial – almost any other scientist would benefit from collaborating with machine learning specialists, for example.”

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