CWI & UvA Sign Partnership for Meaningful Control of Autonomous Systems

Together with TNO, the University of Amsterdam and CWI initiate a new research collaboration to study the impact of autonomous systems in society, as well as the adoption of AI-based systems. On 1st October 2019, the three members signed a letter of intent, called Meaningful Control of Autonomous Systems (MCAS).

In this collaboration, CWI adds expertise in the fields of deep learning, statistical machine learning, game theory, and multi-agent reinforcement learning. TNO has knowledge about safe data sharing, explainable AI and human behaviour. It also applies this knowledge to innovations in the automotive sector, the legal and safety domains and the financial sector. The University of Amsterdam (UvA) joins the team with their Amsterdam Law School and the Institute of Informatics (IvI). The multi-disciplinary interaction between the MCAS members is expected to reinforce and accelerate research.

In the coming months all parties involved will focus on two case studies, in the areas of autonomous and cooperative driving, as well as justice and public services. From these studies bigger initiatives will be developed.

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