CWI and Databricks are looking for Master Students

Msc Projects at CWI and Databricks 2018-2019

Our projects are high-tech and the CWI Data Architectures group has a high reputation with data companies, so a MSc project here can either be a stepping stone to a PhD track or a job in a tech company. A list of prospective projects is below (in brief):

C1. In-Database Machine Learning on TensorFlow
C2. LeapFrogTrieJoin on Compressed Column Stores
C3. Self-Learning Whitebox Compression
C4. Piggy-Backing Integrity Checking on Scans
C5. Snapshotting Virtual Memory for In-Database Model Execution C6. Automatically Detecting Database Performance Regressions C7. Adaptive Partial Multi-dimensional indexing
C8. Progressive Database Query Evaluation
C9. Practical Hash-functions in Database Query Operators

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