CWI & Acumex Join Forces on Developing Online Negotiation Technology

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) has agreed a long-term research collaboration with Acumex to make autonomous online negotiation of complex goods a reality. Acumex is a Danish high-tech SME that has built the first online negotiation platform for trading in complex markets e.g. pharmaceuticals.

The research partnership will be performed by CWI’s Intelligent & Autonomous Systems group and be led by Veni laureate Tim Baarslag. Together with a post doc student, Tim Baarslag will focus on developing fundamental and applicable solutions for agent negotiations within Acumex’ new online trading platform.

The reason for this collaboration is simple: The world of peer-to-peer trading is changing rapidly. Traditional trading via trade fair, phone and email is rapidly being replaced by online trading platforms. With a fully digitized process it is now possible for vendors to match and discover supply and demand in a more effective and scalable way. This in turn creates a new opportunity to use negotiation agents that can support vendors in their negotiations and eventually make deals autonomously on their behalf.

Tim Baarslag: “I am very glad that we can use our knowledge and expertise of negotiation AI in order to further develop online trading technology. It is very satisfying to work on a research project that will have an actual impact on the experience of the trading users.”

Acumex wants to incorporate these state-of-the-art multi-agent techniques in their online trading platform. The objective is to support clients in conducting more efficient (more effective) trading based on organizational, partner and user preferences. Maintaining concept and business logic, Acumex intends to scale the solution globally and across markets.

More info on the collaboration on the CWI website HERE


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